Nigel Ashton

Business Strategy & Development Lead

Aylesbury Vale District Council (Confirmed)

Nigel Ashton has been with Aylesbury Vale District Council since early 2017. During his time there he has been heavily involved in promoting the commercial agenda both internally and to over 50 local authorities culminating in a combined £20m increase in income and reduction in costs.

Prior to joining AVDC Nigel was the Managing Director of Delivering Connections, an independent logistics and consultancy company, primarily involved in transformation within international postal organisations such as Saudi Arabia and China Post. Nigel was also a Business Development Director of one of the fastest growing sports marketing companies in the UK ultimately involved in player management, shirt sponsorships and perimeter advertising in Premier League football, cricket, F1 Racing and rugby.

A 30+ year career in the private sector world of commerce with a desire to combine with the best of local authority care and responsibility.