Salima Benhamou PhD


France Strategie, Prime Minister's Office (Confirmed)

Salima Benhamou (PhD) is an economist at France Strategie in the department Labor Market – Jobs and Skills and she is professor of economics at Paris-Dauphine University. Her areas of expertise include Human resource practices and firm performance, organizational and technological innovation, corporate Governance, responsible business practices and well-being at the workplace. She published a report on responsible business practices and competitiveness which includes an empirical evaluation on French data firms and proposes several recommendations for a more inclusive growth. She also published a prospective report on the Future of work: the evolution of work organizations at 2030 which presents several scenarios of changes in work and their impacts on the workers, the education system and the financing of social protection. Salima co-coordinated the report Artificial Intelligence and Work to the Minister of Labour and the Minister of State for the Digital Sector. She was member of the international expert group at the G7 in 2018 under the Canadian presidency to feed into the discussions of the ministers of innovation and labor on the main theme: the future of work: skills for the modern economy.